Monday, December 8, 2008

Mizoram Election 2008 Elected MLA's

From MiYzone

The Congress Party has won the 2008 Mizoram Assembly Election, contrary to expectations, Congress has won 32 Assembly seats, a whooping 80% of the assembly seats unprecedented in Mizoram History, which points to strong Incumbency of the MNF Government as well as a strong resurgence of the Third Front, United Democratic Alliance - a combination of Zoram Kuthnathawktu Pawl, Mizo People's Conference and Zoram Nationalist Party which has split the votes among the big two parties but Congress being in the opposition party has capitalized by getting more votes on account of being the bigger party.
It's also a welcome change to see 19 fresh new MLA's who have never been Legislators before, also 24 Graduates, more than half, and 11 Post Graduates, 1 Phd, the rest being undergraduates. Also with regards to their background, we have a Brigadier & Lt Colnel from the Army and Bureaucrats from IAS, IPS & IFS background. With a younger face with an average age of 50 years and better educational background and better work experience, there's a higher hope for better change in this incoming batch of MLA's.
High expectations are also in the air as the Congress Party is also the ruling party in the Centre, high on the list of Projects is completion of Hydel Project in Bairabi or Tuirial, as the present power status is very low, also very much needed are better Technical Institutes, Sonia Gandhi had promised a Medical College, they could either rebuild the planned Referral Hospital or plan for alternatives, an Engineering college and also a Sports stadium on the suburb of the city and not in the centre of the city, Lammual as planned by the MNF.
There are also some anxities with the Congress party led by Lalthanhawla as some of the Legislators had some criminal cases just before the elections itself, some of the MLA's from the southern part of the state are demanding for Union Territory Status, the Northern party of the state are demanding for Autonomous district councils, succumbing to this pressures just for electoral vote bank would not go down very well with the Mizo Public. The much hyped NLUP plan was a failure in his previous government and would require more planning, training, education and fair selection of people who are going to avail of these schemes if it's going to be a sucess.
Maps of Assembly Constitutency Map Available at Website of Chief Electoral Office - Mizoram.


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